Thursday, August 6, 2009

Holy New Direction, Batman..

Social Influence Marketeer.

No, I didn't disappear into a black hole without Internet access. Breathe easy, I'm here to grace your eyes with my positivity for another blog.

Reflecting on my journey the past couple of months, I'm really proud of myself for putting my daughter in front of my career and my paycheck.

Job eliminated, I embarked on a mission to inform the uniformed, and organize the unorganized in all ways Social Internet Marketing. Rather than abandon the auto industry when they needed me the most, I really wanted to help in some small way make that turn out of the realm of disaster. Not planning to be the victim of a time clock, I was really looking forward to a more active part in raising my daughter. That was my plan...

In the midst of buying a vehicle to replace my dealer car, I came across an opportunity to work at a local credit union. Realizing this would make some laugh as if I'd kissed my career good-bye, and some chomp at the bit knowing they had a chance to pick my brain...I just couldn't pass it up. So here I am, Social Influence Marketeer...part time teller.

It's freaking awesome, too. Eye-opening how nice everyone is... Instead of someone berating me, I have someone who's a little frustrated about their account balance. To think, I almost forgot how genuinely nice most people are.

I decided to stop pushing myself to consult dealerships right away, and just let go and ride this wave for a little bit to see where it goes, and where the demand for Social Marketing is. Less than 2 months later, I'm still being sought out by car peeps. Not only does that feel awesome, it builds my confidence. It's directing me back to what I love to do. And thank God, because I miss it!

Feeling like I'm about to bust into a pretty cool opportunity, my dream of bossing myself around seem within my grasp. The hard part of all this...the monumental pay cut. My paycheck makes me laugh and I insane? One look at my daughter and that's dubbed foolishness.

I really miss my BDC peeps. Hopefully I provided a good enough example for them to lead them into the right direction in order to fulfill their own destiny with success. If you are reading, my peeps, thanks for the memories (especially someones mom whom I won't mention in particular.)

Here's to our "cackling" haunting that office forevermore....he he he.

Onward and Upward...

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