Wednesday, June 3, 2009

When a Burger Comes Along, You Must Flip It.

"When a burger comes along, you must flip it."
Elmo's voice rings in my ears long after my daughter is asleep. Her favorite show is Sesame Street, as was my favorite (along with Fraggle Rock) when I was her age. The lessons are simple messages that everyone can relate to. This one being, "If an opportunity arises, run with it." So here I am, at another great turning point in my life, and all I can here is Elmo telling me to flip the burger.

I imagined that sooner or later the auto industry would have a direct effect on me, and now as the office I've poured my tears, anxieties, dreams, goals, frustrations, and heartaches into for the last 6 years unravels before me I'm ...excited? Liberated? Jacked up for the next big adventure? As Will Ferrell said in Zoolander, "Am I taking crazy pills?" Is the ether going to wear off and leave me in tatters eating bugs off the ground?

Change is almost always heartbreaking at first. It's Scary. It's Hard. It's New. It's Uncomfortable. But it's also most definitely unforeseeable and unavoidable.

It's a testament to my personal growth that today, change has breathed new life into me.

See, even though 'times are tough,' don't sell out your moral center. That fear that you feel in your gut is meant to scare you into silence. Don't let the scared drag you down with them. People were not intended to live small. Don't ever be afraid to do the right thing. My old mentor, Father Abbot Jerome, is up in heaven going..."I told you to be a leader, and you will be a leader." My Dad would say, "it's destiny." So I let the chips fall where they fell.

My burger came along, and I flipped it.
Time to melt the cheese.

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