Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cars Cars Cars

OK!OK!OK! I will blog! I've been nudged a zillion times and finally cave!
I'm a 3rd generation car career lifer. My grandfather worked for General Motors for 30 years, and so did my dad. My husband, a finance manager, is in his 12th year in the car biz, and our 1 year old has a battery operated vehicle. I think cars might just be in my blood.
8 years ago I started out at Enterprise Rent a Car after graduating from Ashland University, and ended up here at the Kasper Auto Group as Business Development Manager. What does that entail? A little bit of everything and a lot more than you think.
Instead of waiting for my 'dream job' to find me in my sleepy lake town, I choose to apply what I wanted my career to be to what I already did in order to live in the town I dreamed of raising a family in. It's sounds a lot more confident than I really am...Gen Y to the core, I guess. But, I suppose if others are clamoring for me to share my thoughts, I'm off to a good start.

If you are part of the automotive or other type of social influence marketing scene, I hope you value my thoughts. I sure do value your feedback. I've learned everything I know from others in the community. For those outside of the biz, I hope the information I share helps give you a birds eye view of our industry.
Sunny and 80!

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