Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"There's No Bad Ideas When You're Brainstormin'"...a message to the 'newbies.'

For all the newbie's out there, and those in need of some motivation...this one's for you.
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Often, I take lessons from my almost-2-year-old.  The most recent being from the Imagination Movers.  "There's no bad ideas when you're brainstormin'," they sing happily.  Besides the show being a genious motivator for kids to think outside the box with confidence, it speaks to us adults, too.  How many times have you taken a pass rather than dig for a solution...or quit for fear of failing.  Isn't it funny how we're taught to do the very opposite right from the start?

I've recently discovered the adult version of the Imagination Movers...The Third Tribe.  This group of social media marketing professionals has
created an atmosphere that not only makes it fun to brainstorm again, but also fun to set goals for and go after it's end product.  Similar to college alumni and other business networks, The Third Tribe allows you to express your ideas in a forum where it's met with brainstorms...not cynicism.  It's the ultimate competitive environment.  Like a forum full of runners trading training secrets on things they have not yet mastered, and sharing on what they have.  In the end, we're pushing our industry to the next level, and making everyone engaged sharper.

For anyone sitting at the edge of the cliff thinking of taking the risk of a social media venture of their own...I say jump.  Jump now.  Don't wait.  Learn to lean on those around you who are willing to help you achieve your goals.  Then, as you learn, give back what you now know to those searching for it. 

Here's your motivation in 3 simple steps.
1.  Brainstorm.  Let it storm good...like a Nor' East-er on Mother Lake Erie.  Write down that hot mess.  Mold it into some sort of madness that makes sense to you, and then begin extracting goals and steps to their achievement.

2.  Get an Education.  College?  Yes.  There are qualities of stamina and fortitude that you take from there along with the knowledge that you pack into your brain that will take you to the top.  Not to mention the extremely huge network of alumni that you take with you.

Know the market you wish to attract, and what attracts them.  Subscribe to at least 15 blogs in the field you wish to master or be a part of.  Join a forum to interact with those doing what you want to do.  Engage yourself.  Set a goal at the beginning just to read through all of your RSS feeds by the end of each week, commenting on 2 or 3 a day.  For Social Media, no one says it better than Brian Solis.  This should be an automatic subscription add...invaluable content. 

3.  Network.  If you like someone's blog entry, comment on it.  Then, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, subscribe to their blog...and whatever else you feel obliged to do.  Most importantly, get out there and start joining the conversation.  You never know where your next opportunity may come from.

Have confidence in Social Media Marketing.  It's not going anywhere.  In fact, it's growing faster then just about any other segment of Marketing in existence.  It'll eventually be the core of every business's Marketing plan, instead of just an add on or an afterthought.  It'll be necessity. 

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