Thursday, October 15, 2009

But Miley doesn't want to be a pirate!

Besides being one of the funniest moments in TV history, this is an exaggerated example of the consequence of poor communication.

Whether you just can't hear what your social media marketer is saying to you, or you simply aren't listening to the proposed plan, don't end up in a puffy shirt. Gaining influence in social media is tricky. You will have to trust someone else's expertise with the brand image you've sought so diligently to develop and protect. Although the most costly mistake for companies and business peeps getting into the game is to ignore what their social media expert's even worse to act like you comprehend what he/she is proposing if you simply don't. A humbling experience, maybe, to admit to needing something spelled out. However, the costly humiliation of a puffy shirt incident that could have been avoided exceeds any prior embarrassment.

What the heck do I mean?

Seek out a professional who is not a part of the flashy, 'I can solve any problem and shoot you to the top guaranteed', crowd. Someone not trying so hard to be hired by everyone. Try to find someone who just has a knack for this unconventional type of marketing. Of course, I'm going to use myself as an example. Seemingly self-touting bits aside, I found a way to establish the dream that I dreamt sitting in college lectures doodling on my notebook...a way to be a stay at home mom and still pursue a marketing career. I always wanted both, and I never gave up either dream. It's the normalcy that helps keep the words I write stay alive.

I don't want to be pirate!

Miley Cyrus might be have a point. Do you want to be known as the person who has 2 million followers on Twitter, or the one that has developed a manageable amount of solid, enviable relationships? I, myself fell in love with the little blue bird at first sight, but at times get a little burnt out and need to clean the bird house. It's insane to think that one Tweeter can have a personal relationship with thousands of people, and creepy to know that millions know what you ate for breakfast???(I wonder if they foster the same relationships with their next door neighbors.) But throwing the whole proverbial towel in on the tweetie? Not so smart for a business...which Miley kind of is...and she just alienated millions fans that connected with her that way. Who's her social media guru?

From a business standpoint, have a plan that includes developing a relationship with your fanbase on social media before blasting them with sales promotions. If you don't have time, you better hire someone like myself to establish a good process for you. Be efficient. My 19, yes 19, social networks are turned off when I want to be able to focus my attention on my, when she's awake. I live efficient processes.

I don't have all the answers for all that is social media, because no one really does. It changes daily, and I adjust daily. It's the beauty of it, really. There's no time to stop and cash in on a quick fix. By the time you implement it, it's outdated. Only a good process efficient enough to adjust to the constant change that is social media will prevail.

...I do know how to fix a boo-boo pretty quick like. Maybe their will be a time when I tweet each one and how I've fixed it...and 2 million people want to know...but for now, I don't want to be a pirate.

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